Active Employees

Do you have a plan for life after work?

Active Employees

Active members of the Police and Fire Retirement System of Detroit are current employees who are covered under the provisions of the PFRS Plan. Whether you need to request a benefits estimate, or make a loan program request, we’ll be able accommodate your needs. Submission of Applications adhere to the following process:

1. Request a benefit estimate: Call the Retirement Systems’ estimate and service check station at 313-224-3362 and press option 6, extension 227, then the # (pound) key. A benefit estimate will show you your years of service, your current annuity balance, and about how much you would receive each month, as well as your options.

2. Once you’ve received your estimate: Call the Retirement Systems to answer any retirement-related questions you may have. If you decide you would like to retire following the interview, contact your payroll department and notify them of your intent to retire. Payroll will provide you with an “Intent to Retire” package and a letter of intent.

3. Once you’ve received your letter of intent: Contact the Retirement Systems to schedule your exit interview. During the exit interview, you will need proof of birth for yourself and your beneficiary; your beneficiary’s Social Security number; marriage license (if applicable); and direct deposit information if you desire.

Please contact us with any questions. Thank you.



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